Outdoor Climbing Harness & Safety Belt



    Outdoor Climbing Half Body Harness, Waist Support and Belt.

    Perfect for working at height or used as sports Equipment.

    Style 1; Weight 1160g, Waistline 78cm -126cm, Thigh circumference 56-80cm

    Style 2; Weight 970g, Waistline 78-122cm, Thigh circumference 53-75cm

    Style 3; Weight 455g, Waistline 80-120cm, Thigh circumference 35-75cm

    Style 4; Weight 570g, Waistline 85-150cm, Thigh circumference 38-75cm

    Weight N/A
    Dimensions N/A

    Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4

    7 reviews for Outdoor Climbing Harness & Safety Belt

    1. Simon

      Is a good quality harness. I am slim but fits me perfectly. Thank you.

    2. Mark

      Very good and I tested it 3 / 4 times already, works very well.

    3. Shaun

      Very well made. Comfortable to wear and to adjust. Thanks a lot!

    4. Jack Prime

      I’m very satisfied.

    5. Harriet

      Very good product, and much better price!

    6. Phil

      I am yet to try, everything came on time and in good quality.

    7. Chloe

      Fit was very tight at first but after adjusting was perfect. Very well made!

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