Tactical Pen & Glass Breaker



    The tactical pen is made of strong aluminium, ideal for self-defence and as a tool in emergencies, as well as delivering perfect writing.


    Black-Black Refill, Black-Blue Refill, Desert Gold-Black Refill, Desert Gold-Blue Refill, Gold-Black Refill, Gold-Blue Refill, Grey-Black Refill, Grey-Blue Refill, Grey+Black-Black Refill, Grey+Black-Blue Refill, Grey+Desert Gold-Black Refill, Grey+Desert Gold-Blue Refill, Grey+Gold-Black Refill, Grey+Gold-Blue Refill, Desert Gold+Black-Black Refill, Desert Gold+Black-Blue Refill, Desert Gold+Gold-Black Refill, Desert Gold+Gold-Blue Refill, Gold+Black-Black Refill, Gold+Black-Blue Refill

    8 reviews for Tactical Pen & Glass Breaker

    1. Glinn

      Handles are excellent, the only negative on the light is no glass, just from milled on aluminium, but that’s trivial, so the quality is excellent!

    2. Joel Richards

      A great piece of kit, very well made and very quick delivery.

    3. Diaz

      Very useful.

    4. Rory Jennings

      All very well, I recommend seller, all cartridges paint without problem, good writing tool and good for defence.

    5. Marcus Porter

      Really good product, well described, resistant and nice appearance. Shipping was very fast, 5 days.

    6. Jake Lindsey

      Product came as described, fast delivery, great quality. Top seller.

    7. Jane

      Great multi use device.

    8. Chantelle Rodrigo

      Yes! As described. Good quality. Very smooth writing ink. Nice thickness to grip in hand, also good texture so it won’t slip if breaking glass or face. Sharp glass breaking tip. Sharper than pictured by seller. Formidable.

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